On-site training

Most of the courses are arranged as on-site training in the customer's premises. However, for certain courses you can reserve individual seats. These courses are announced on the main page.

Training courses are exclusively based on open source software, such as R statistical language and LaTex typesetting environment.

Currently available course modules are listed on the course page.

Structure of a course

Courses typically consist of lectures and hands-on sessions. The emphasis is on practical work, and the courses are steered more towards applications than theory. The audience could be, for instance, bio-medical researchers, ecologists or methodological scientists who want learn to perform data analyses using R.

What is included?

The course registrations and teaching will be handled for the customer. All the core course materials is provided in a printed format or electronically, at the customers discretion.

What is required for a successful course?

For the teacher(s), a computer and an overhead projector is needed. For students, at least one computer per every two students is required. Certain sessions, especially on the bioinformatics courses, might also require a working Internet access.

Feedback from previous courses

The average customer satisfaction for the courses has been 4.3 on a five point scale. Lecturers' expertise has been rated even higher, at 4.6 on a five point scale.

Students from previous courses claim, e.g.:

You had good attitute towards students.
Excellent course and teachers very friendly & experienced.
It was nice to follow Jarno's lectures on statistics.
Even difficult topics can be explained in a simple way... thanks for Jarno for it!
Lecturer gave readily his own opinions on the topics, usually with some nice humour.

Material from past courses

Analysis of Proteomics Data Using R, 20th - 21st September 2010, University of Helsinki, Finland
Ecological data analysis, 7th April - 9th Sptember 2011, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland
Introduction to R programming, 6th - 7th September 2010, CSC, Finland
R opintopiiri, 14th April - 26th May 2010, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, Finland